Happy 2011!

I’ve got a new list, and a new blog.

Join me, won’t you?


Changing Plans

Over the past week or so, the hubs and I have been changing some of our plans.  Turns out that the long-term plan that I posted about is now our short term plan.  We’ll be moving a few hours away by the end of the calendar year.  Woohoo!  While we are both very excited about how this is turning out, it is going to happen pretty quickly.

So rather than focusing on writing up my finished goals this month in order to complete my blurb book, I’m shifting over to completing our photos to complement our insurance inventory before we get started packing things up.  Looks like I’ll be completing my blurb book for my list after I’ve started the next one.

Which means that I also might get started on my new blog now, while I still have down time, so that it will be all ready to launch when I get down to work on my new list.  This is a project that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now, and I think that it will be a good distraction from the moments of stress that are bound to come as we attempt to pull everything together over the next couple of weeks.

We’ll be cleaning everything here to make sure that we don’t have anything left in our apartment that shouldn’t be moved.  I’ll take pictures of our place so that we don’t have to start setting things up from scratch in the new place, and then we’ll start packing the things that we don’t use regularly.  (And, though we are definitely sick of this apartment and its super thin walls, it was the first place that we lived together.  I want to have some pictures to remember it since we worked so hard to make it feel like home.)

I’m excited and nervous about pulling this off.  And thrilled that we have one foot out of limbo!


I received my custom jeans at the beginning of the week.  I was very excited to see them, since I ordered them back in early September.  Unfortunately, they don’t fit very well.  I have trouble buttoning and zipping them up, and they are a bit tight through the rear and thighs.  So that is very disappointing.

But I chose to splurge on these jeans because I can return them and reorder.  I’m returning them today, and changing my original order where they don’t fit.  The company allows you to log and and view your previous order.  Then you can make adjustments in half inch increments on your waist, front rise, back rise, knee fit, seat, thigh, inseam, bottom leg width.  Each category has instructions for when and how to adjust so that things fit better.

I have high hopes for my second pair.  I liked the shape and fabric of my original order just fine.  Hopefully the second pair will fit like a glove and I can wear them as we head into winter.

What’s playing?

I finished my soundtrack to my life back in July.  So what’s playing now that I’ve settled in a bit?

Random video because I love me some Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  You’re welcome.

Wardrobe Update

The weather has turned cooler, so I thought I’d give a wardrobe update.  I have purchased several pairs of pants to complete my winter time look, which I’ll show you later, after I’ve gotten them altered.  My custom jeans have shipped, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!  Hopefully I’ll have those next week.

For now, though, I’ve been busting out my tights.  And a few sweaters to boot.  With all the clothes that I got rid of during my grand try on, I was actually able to fit all my transition clothes into my dresser.  So I have all my clothes except for the heaviest sweaters.  This should make the transition to fall a lot easier — I just know that it will get warm again before it is cold to stay.

Sweater: Tulle
Skirt: Tulle
Tights: Walmart?
Shoes: Nine West, Macy’s
Necklace: JC Penney
Ring: Kohls

So here’s the outfit that I wore for the first really chilly day.  The hubs and I went out last night to run errands and get dinner.  While we were in the grocery store, someone told me that she liked my sweater and completely made my night.  I bought this sweater on super sale from Tulle, and I have the lovely Katie W. to thank.  We were sharing shipping, and she chose to buy this.  As soon as I saw it, I wanted it too!  The neckline is supposed to tie in a gigantic bow, but I just looped it around to tie in the back.  This skirt has become one of my staples. The necklace and ring are both new — I was so excited to finally find a large ring that fit my finger and didn’t make me look like a little kid playing dress up.

I have one more mission for the season — a knit blazer from JC Penney.  I think that it will be a nice addition to my wardrobe without adding any formality to an outfit.  But after I buy that and get my alterations, I am cutting myself off from clothes for the rest of the calendar year.  My spending in September was a bit high.  I’m pleased with all my purchases, but I need to break the cycle.  Wish me luck!

Life Post List

It has been about a week since my 1001 ended.  I took a break from working on my 101 write ups, but I’m ready to get back to it.  I’m hoping to get my blurb book documenting my work on my list completed by the end of October.  I think that goal will be a challenge to meet, and I definitely don’t want to rush the final book.  I’m really aiming to have it created and ordered by the time the holidays come around.

I’m currently thinking that I’ll be ordering the standard portrait size for my book.  Some of my goals will have very little text while others will have a considerable amount.  I think it will be hard to make a final decision until I put some goals into the format and see how things are looking.  I’ll also need to recreate some of the images that I lost in the great computer crash.

I’ve also decided to not download booksmart, Blurb’s bookmaking software, until I have all the text created.  I’m hoping that will serve as an incentive to keep working on the text so that I can get to creating the final product.  I’ll be working with the images that I have and recreating them if needed as I go.  (I decided to recreate images I lost in my computer crash rather than forcing the lower resolution ones into the final book.) I think that will be easier than attempting to plan everything out before I start formatting.  I plan to write summaries for all of my goals, even the ones that I didn’t attempt during my 1001.

This is going to be a big project.  I am really looking forward to having this record of all the work I put into my 101.  Especially as I work on creating my second list.  I’ve been so proud of the things I’ve accomplished through this list, and I can’t wait to start my next one.  Hopefully I’ll stay motivated and complete another 1001 and another blurb book. I think it will be very interesting to see how my lists change over the years.

101 – Our meeting

The best friend and I met for a meeting this weekend focused on our 101 experience.  We were joined by the lovely Katie W. and the newly blogging Katie H. We spend last Sunday morning in the conference room of my apartment building, laptops and notes ready to go.  While the best friend and I discussed our lessons learned from our lists, Katie W. added insight from her 51 in 501 list.  And then we all started talking about starting new 101 in 1001 lists this January!

That’s right.  After 1001 days of working on one (almost) static list, I have decided to do the entire project again.  I’ve actually been working on my new list for a while now, which has been slightly distracting as I attempted to finish up the current one.

I am very proud to have completed a whopping 85/101 goals.  That is many more than I thought I would complete, and I think that I have telecommuting to thank.  I was able to focus on my 101 during a lot of my downtime during working hours.  I put countless hours into my list because I really believe in it.  I think I’ve improved my life through purposeful action and thought.  These goals are all modest when taken individually, but they have changed how I think about my time and my options.  I have learned a lot about myself and my friends through my 101, and I think I’ve come a long way in the three years since I started thinking about this project.

A few of my goals really stand out in my mind.  #57, updating my look, has been very rewarding.  I made such improvements while working on #34, finding a successful mechanism to calm myself when people are driving me crazy in a conversation, that other people have actually commented on my progress.  After many false starts, I feel that I gained a good habit while working on #95, to clean for 15 minutes daily.

Of course, there were also goals that I didn’t complete, and a few that I didn’t attempt.  But those don’t worry me at all.  This whole experience was about challenging myself.  And in my mind, there’s not place for feeling guilty for the things that I didn’t tackle.  After all, if I was able to finish all my goals, they wouldn’t have been that challenging, right?

The best friend and I have completed a long journey to get to this point.  It was really great to get to see her this weekend and talk about all the things we accomplished.  And to encourage our friends to make the most of writing their new lists so that we’ll all be able to celebrate together when we finish them.  It’ll be this time in another three years.  I wonder what goals will be standing out in my mind by then.